RenkCo Non-Waterproof IP20 12V AMBER / Yellow LED Strip Lights 5M 5050 SMD 300 Leds Light For Indoors


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Non-Waterproof (IP20 Grade) 5050 SMD Yellow / Amber Flexible LED Strip Light with 300 LED's per 5 metre roll

- Super bright 5050 SMD Amber/Yellow LED, waterproof, high intensity and reliability, running at low temperature

- Cost effective solution, easy installation, lowest power consumption

- Self-adhesive back so you can place it where you like with a peace of mind

-Flexible ribbon for curving around bends; can be cut to desired length every 3 Led lights or used as a whole 5 metre strip

Type: 5050 SMD Bright Amber LED
LED Quantity: 300 LEDs total (60 LEDs/m)
Protection rating: IP20 Non-Waterproof (splash proof)
Colour: Yellow/Amber
Works With: 12V DC (Adaptor is not included in the package)
Current (Amps): 1 Amperes/metre (5A in total - Factory Settings- Total 60 Watts)
PCB Background: White
Working Temperature: -20 to 60 degrees
Working Life: Around 50,000 hours
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Mini Dimmer: 5 Dynamic Modes and 5 Levels of Brightness
Mini Dimmer: 45mm x 17mm x 7mm

-Widely used for home decoration use such as TV backlighting, colour splashing walls, accent lighting for crown moulding and pictures, under tables and cabinets, bars etc.,

-Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting,

-Emergency & Security Lighting, advertisement sign lighting,

-Applicable for automotive, boat and bicycle decoration, border or contour lighting

PACKAGE (What You Get)
1 X 5M Non-Waterproof Flexible Amber/Yellow DC 12V 5M 5050 SMD 300 LED Strip Lights

We are Australian owned and operated company, with over 10 years experience in LED lighting, energy-saving lighting options, accessories in both retail and wholesale sectors. We have so far sold around 50.000 of these type of lights and have the best price/quality performance.
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