20x 12V Waterproof LED Strip Module Lights Blue For Car Boat Caravan Camping



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20x "3x 5050 SMD LED/module" 
Waterproof Strip Module Light in Blue For Camping Boat Car Caravan

► 100% Brand New and Modules are pre-wired together to make a continuous length

► A strong double sided tape at the back of each module light

► Cuttable from every 3 LED's from the wires

► Super bright 3x 5050 SMD LED's/Module

► Great light output and uses only a small percentage of power compared to incandescent lighting



  5050 SMD Module Light - 3 LED's/Module

LED Quantity

  3 LED's per Module - 60 LED's per set of 20

Protection rating

  IP65 Waterproof



Works With

  12V DC (Adaptor is not included in the package)

Output Power

  Around 0.72W/module

Working Temperature

  -20 to 60 degrees

Working Life

  Around 50,000 hours


  1 Year Warranty

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