12V 2A (24 Watts) Power Supply Adapter For LED Lights


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  • 100% Brand New
  • For the safety of your home, it is very important that you use only genuine Australian Safety Approved (SAA Certified)  products that plug into a mains power point.
  • If in doubt, always ask the seller to see the SAA certification. If the seller cannot show you the SAA certificate, take your business elsewhere. Remember, safety always comes first.
  • Our products have genuine SAA certificate and original certificates can be sent upon request. They have been tested and come with 2 years manufacturer's warranty.
  • These are most reliable adapters on eBay today; don't put yourself at risk with cheap, non-SAA approved adapters. (SAA number can be checked on http://www.saaapprovals.com.au/
  • Suitable to use with our LED Strip Lights that are in our store.


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