Some Basics About LED Strip Lights

  LED Strip Lights are a type of lighting that can be used in many areas for lighting and can make the environment look much more beautiful. LED strip lights, which are used a lot by interior or exterior designers, can be preferred for your needs with many different options. It is the most common example of a DIY (do-it-yourself) LED strip because it is very easy to install. You can easily make spaces more stylish and pleasant by using LED strip lights.


Led strip light warm white


Here you can find out why you should choose LED strip lights and what you need to know before using them:


1-Easy installation: One of the most common reasons why LED strip lights are among the DIY lighting at home is that they are very easy to install on a surface. Most LED strip lights come with adhesive backing and it’s a simple peel-and-stick installation job.

 Easy installation led strip cuttable 3m adhesive


2-Waterproof and Non-Waterproof: The reason why LED strip lights can be used as both interior and exterior decoration material is that they also have waterproof features. You can still choose the waterproof LED strip lights for indoors, which give a wonderful new look to your decoration. Particularly, in areas that may be exposed to water splashes such as kitchens and bathrooms. However, bear in mind, the non-waterproof led strip lights have a quicker heat dissipation, as they are not covered by a silicone gel. That makes their lifespan much longer than waterproof types. Briefly, always try to use non-waterproof, if they can be kept away from water or moisture.


Most common waterproof LED strip lights have an IP65 rating with a silicone resin material and are protected from dust and moisture. And non-waterproof grades are generally rated as IP20.


IP65 waterproof and IP20 non waterproof led strip


3- Colours: LED strip lamps have many colors, you can choose suitable colors according to your own taste and needs. You can choose from Cool White, Warm White, and RGB Multicolor options according to where you want to light. For example, by using the Cool White color, you can imitate the sun in lighting. Cool White LED strip lamp is generally preferred in study rooms and offices and increases efficiency. You can also create a modern look by using it in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom in your home. With the Warm White color, you can create a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere in your home. Using Warm White LED strip lights in the bedroom can improve sleep quality. Those who want to create a more lively and different atmosphere can choose RGB Multicolor LED strip lamps and make the environment more attractive.

 Led strip lights bedroom kitchen living room bar home theatre usage area


4- Cutting Lines: LED strips can be cut through scissors marks on the strip and the cut parts can still be used, after connecting to the DC power source. To use the cut parts, you will need to solder the brownish copper dots to some wires or if you don’t want to waste your time with a soldering job, we have in stock some special connectors, which help you with connecting the cut LED Strip parts.
An example You can check it out here;


Cuttable adhesive led strip light


5-Light Strip Intensity: LED strip lights vary according to the amount of LED light on them. Those with 30 to 60 LEDs per meter of strips are called Standard Intensity. Those with 120 LEDs per meter are called High Intensity. You can choose the one you want according to the brightness level you want.


 Light strip density

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